Knock off Gordman’s Polka Dot Pallet Bunny

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Way back in January I was shopping at Gordman’s  I came across Easter décor and saw some darling Polka Dot Pallet Bunnies.  I though the Pallet Bunnies were darling but I wasn’t ready  or even thinking of buying Easter Décor with 3 feet of snow on the ground.  Now months later I was wishing I had purchased that darling Polka dot Pallet Bunny.  I haven’t had a chance to make it back to Gordman’s and I’m quite sure they are probably sold out of those cute bunnies.  I decided to try to make my own version.

DIY knock off Gordman's polka dot pallet bunny

To create your own Knock off Gordman’s Polka Dot Pallet Bunny you will need:

3 fence or pallet boards

2 lathing or furring strips

bunny template

white paint

multi color paint


jig saw

brad nail gun

electric sander

First I drew a bunny template out of paper.  My bunny template measures 19 1/2 inches long (bunny bum to bunny nose)  and 15 inches tall (bunny ear to bunny foot).

bunny template

I laid my 3 pieces of fence board down next to each other and traced my bunny pattern onto the fence boards.

bunny template trace

I cut out the bunny shape using a jig saw.

bunny cutout

I placed the 3 bunny pieces back together and then cut 2 furring strips to fit on each end of the bunny.

bunny assembly

I attached the furring strips to the back of the bunny using a brad nail gun.  Then I gave my bunny board a light sanding using and electric sander.

bunny nail together

I dry brushed on some white paint to give the pallet bunny a rustic look.  After the white paint was dry I choose pastel purple, blue, green, yellow, and coral paints to paint the polka dots onto the bunny.  I used the lid of an old water bottle to create the dots.  I dipped the lid into a color of paint and then randomly placed the dots on the bunny, I wiped the lid in between new colors.

bunny painting

While the polka dot paint was still wet I applied some iridescent glitter over each polka dot.

bunny glitter

knock off polka dot pallet bunny

How cute did this Knock off Gordman’s Polka Dot Pallet Bunny turn out?  He is such a fun addition to my Easter décor.

Polka dot pallet bunny

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