Rustic Wooden Slat Carrot Board Easer Decoration

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I often see several ideas for holiday decorations floating around on the web.  Usually I see something and I will like the idea and then I will see something similar to it and think hey, If I took this part and this part and put them together.  Well that is the story of this Rustic Wooden Slat Carrot Board Easer Decoration.  I saw an idea over at a little shop called Pixxie Stixx darling place if you are ever in the Brigham City area,  then I saw another idea at Ribbons and Glue.  They are very similar ideas but I liked different elements from each decoration.  I liked how one was wooden slats and painted and I like how the other one wrapped the jute around for extra embellishments.  I got to work creating my own version.

Rustic Wooden Slat Carrot Board Easer Decoration

To create your own Rustic Wooden Slat Carrot Board Easer Decoration you will need:

6 lathing strips cut at 24 inch length

2 lathing strips cut at 8 inch length

jig saw

brad nail gun

dark wood stain

orange, white, green paint

paint brushes

12 x 12 cardstock

personal cutting machine

Tack and re-tack glue




First using my jig saw I cut my lathing strips to the sizes listed above.  I laid the 6 24 inch lathing strips side by side and then placed the 2 8 inch lathing strips across the top and bottom of the 24 inch lathing strips.  I used my brad nail gun to attach the 8 inch strips to the 6 24 inch strips.  I flip the boards over to the front side and painted a dark wood stain onto the boards, I let the stain dry over night.

carrot board assembly

I created a template of a carrot using my personal cutting machine.  The carrot measures 20 inches tall by 4 1/2 inches wide.  I cut the carrot design onto 2 sheets of 12 by 12 cardstock and taped the 2 sheets of cardstock together.

carrot template

On the back side of my carrot template I painted some tack and re-tack glue around the edges of the carrot.  I found out that the tack and re-tack glue will give you a clean edge when painting on designs.

carrot template paint on tack it glue

I laid my carrot template onto my lathing strip board and pressed the template into place.  I painted the orange and then green areas and let them dry.

carrot painting

I came back with the carrot insert piece and painted the white design over top of the orange carrot base.

carrot center painting

After the carrot design was completely dry I gave it a quick sand.

carrot board sand

Last I wrapped some jute cording around my board several times. I tied the jute into a knot and cut leaving strands hanging.

carrot board tie jute

I love how simple and rustic this Easter decoration came out.  I can’t wait to find the perfect place to display it.

Rustic Wooden Slat Carrot Board Easer Decoration



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