DIY Polly Pocket Mini Cake Dresses

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With summer fast approaching as a mom I am always looking for ideas to keep the kids busy.  These DIY Polly Pocket  Mini Cake Dresses will definitely keep the kids happy for a few hours.  My daughter has been begging me for sometime to help her make a Barbie cake.  After watching several tutorials with her I decided that they look like a bit of work.  I also am not a huge fan of cake with a ton of frosting! I wasn’t too big on the idea of having a giant cake go to waste or letting my kids devour an entire cake and have a sugar rush!

DIY Polly Pocket Mini Cake Dresses


The other day my daughter had brought out her Polly Pocket dolls to play with and the idea hit me that we could make mini cake dresses using the Polly Pockets. Thinking I had just created a new idea I searched the web and discovered that many other people had this idea before me.  Even though I’m not brilliant and didn’t invent the Polly pocket Mini Cake Dress idea this is still a fun project to make with you girls.  My daughter and I decided to make a party out of it and invited a few cousins and neighbors over to decorate cakes.

To make your own DIY Polly Pocket Mini Cake Dresses you will need:

mini Bundt cake pan

1 cake mix (prepared according to package)

several containers of store bought frosting (mostly vanilla)

food coloring

variety of frosting bags and tips

variety of sprinkles

plastic wrap

Polly Pockets


First  prepare the cake mix according to the directions on the package.  Spray the mini Bundt cake pan and pour the prepared batter into the pan.  Bake the cake mix according to the package directions.  Once cooked remove the mini Bundt cakes and placed them on a tray.

polly cakes baking

At this point you will want to  place the tray of mini Bundt cakes into the freezer for a few hours.  After the cakes are frozen prepare the frosting by mixing food coloring into different containers of vanilla frosting.  Then add the colored frosting into frosting bags with a variety of tips assembled on them.

polly cakes frozen

Wrap the bottom half of  your Polly pockets in plastic wrap. Then place the Polly Pocket into the center of the mini Bundt cake.

polly cakes wrap

Hand out the cakes to each girl and have them spread a layer of frosting around the cake using a knife.

polly cakes frosting

Now it’s time to let them use their own imagination and decorate them how they want.   These were so much fun to decorate and each girl’s personality came out while decorating them.

polly cakes decorate

Most of all the best part was that we didn’t end up with a ton of left over’s at our home!

polly cakes

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