Quick and Easy Fourth of July T-shirt Tutorial

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Who doesn’t want to look festive when holidays roll around? I love to dress up according to the holiday. Nothing over the top but just a little something to show my spirit of the season. I love that the Fourth of July is such an easy holiday to dress up for because you can totally dress casual. Krystal and I are sharing a Quick and Easy Fourth of July T-shirt tutorial that can be used for both adults or kids!

in god we trust

First we purchased red shirts at Walmart for $2.97 a piece! That is cheap and luckily there are a lot of sizes and options to choose from! Any red or navy blue shirt would work. Bring your shirt home and pre wash it.

Freshly washed shirt

Once your shirt is washed you will need these items:

White Iron on Vinyl. Enough to measure 8″ across and 10″ down. (8″x 10″) on a T-shirt

Ironing board


Personal cutting machine along with a weeding tool.

If you haven’t used iron on Vinyl before here is a great Cricut tutorial with instructions on how to use it. Or if you have a Silhouette here is a good tutorial!

The transfer of the Vinyl to the fabric comes across all in one piece.  So you don’t have to piece it all together. What I like about working backwards with the Iron on vinyl is that the backing acts as your transfer tape. Therefore you do not have to purchase any extra transfer tape.

When ironing on the vinyl to the fabric don’t keep it on the fabric too long. Just long enough to seal. Before ironing the vinyl on remove the backing. During this process you will be able to feel the adhesive that is on the backing. It is there to keep the vinyl attached to the backing until it is ironed on.


In God We trust Ironing on

Always make sure that the material you use is freshly pressed before attaching the vinyl. This was a simple project because all you have to do is type in the lettering “In God We Trust” in your Cricut or Silhouette software. If you are familiar with your personal cutting machine software you can see that you can change the font to what you would like. You can merge, center, crop and resize the lettering. As I stated above we cut our Lettering to an 8″x 10″ size which fit perfectly across the front of our T-shirts.

In God We trust shirts

I love how patriotic they turned out!

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