How to Make Fun Nerf Gun Targets for Shooting!

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For Christmas my brother bought my family Nerf Guns with a lot of Ammo! It is always a fun time running around the house shooting one another.  Seeing the cousins interacting with one another with these guns is always a good time.  My mom gathered all of the Nerf guns together for our annual memorial day camping trip.  She asked my brother Jason to come up with some ideas for targets for the kids and family to shoot at. I’ll share a few ideas for Nerf Gun target shooting!

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This first idea is one that my brother Jason came up with he found all the supplies at Michael’s Craft store(With the exception of the supporting sticks).

Supplies you will need:

3 – 4 ft. wood sticks (lathing strips can be used or pine strips).

2 – 1/4″ dowels

One – bag of foam cut outs (these can be found at Michaels)

1 bag of Craft Sticks

A Roll of tape

10 – Nickles or Quarters

1- Permanent Sharpie

2 – Sheets of paper

1- pair of scissors

1 – bottle of craft glue


Take 3 – 4 ft. wood strips and drill holes on two of them about 1″ from the top of the strip. The other wood strip you’ll want to drill  2 holes about 1″ and 1 & 1/2″ from the top.  Drill the holes big enough to slide a 1/4″ dowel through each wood strip. Next you can use a jig saw or scroll saw to cut the bases of the wood strips into points at the bottom. This way they can easily be pushed into the ground.  (Please forgive my photos in this post as I took these photos with my cell phone when we were camping).

Stick and dowel together.

Once the base of the Target is ready to go the next few steps are fairly simple. Gather your supplies – cut the paper into strips and make small round tubes out of the strips. You can just tape them together. Make them small enough to not only fit on the back of the foam cut out but big enough to let the dowel slide through it.

Tape the small paper tube rolls onto the craft sticks. Using craft glue go ahead and glue the foam shapes onto one end of the craft stick. Once dry tape the coin onto the other end (on the back side of the craft stick) see photo below for explanation.

Back side of Targets
Make sure that you are plenty stocked up on darts so you don’t run out.

Nerf gun targets

As you can see in the photo’s above. My brother Jason put some fun sayings on the front of each foam shape using a sharpie. You can also add some numbers for points with a sharpie on the bottom of the craft stick. Furthermore another tip that Jason gives is that you could create your own cardboard cut outs if you do not want to use the foam shapes.

There are a few different ways to play this. In teams to see who can earn the most points or individually. This is best played on a non windy day to keep the targets from moving and spinningNerf Gun target shootingReady Aim FireSecond idea is a quick and easy one! Take empty water bottles, fill them with dirt & rocks, then put colored ping pong balls on top of each water bottle. Aim your Nerf gun at the ping pong ball and try to knock it off the water bottle. Fast and easy way to make a target! Grab your Nerf gun an get ready to shoot away!





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