Harry Potter 16th Birthday Party Part Three

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Harry Potter party part 3.  There are so many details to this party and I don’t want to miss any of them! Check out Part’s One and Two to my Harry Potter Birthday party for the low down on how we sent out invitations, how we made platform 9 & 3/4 and a few other cute ideas!!

My friend Liz let me use this cute tree! I used it as a centerpiece of my dining room table right below my floating candles! (see below) I added an owl with light up eyes & some arms.

Whomping Willow


The next few steps were pulling the party together with decorations, food ideas and games! Deciding to make floating candles that would hang from the ceiling in our dining area was easy. I purchased some battery operated tea light candles and then cut regular paper into strips long enough to look like a tapered candle. You’ll want to glue the paper around the bottom part of each tea light just using hot glue. Because I glued fishing clear line to the tops of each candle I was hoping you couldn’t see how they were hanging.

For the effect of them floating in the air! Turning the candles on when it came time for the party to start posed a little struggle.  But we found just using a wooden dowel we were able to reach up into the inside of them to turn them on.  Here they are floating from the ceiling.

Floating Harry Potter Candles


I didn’t want to forget any details! If you have read the books you will know that there are a LOT of small details that you could have an endless flow of party Ideas. I wanted each of the girls to not only have their own scarf, house, and bertie botts but also a wand and a golden snitch!! So I purchased some Lindor truffles and found these cute wings for the Snitch’s here.  Have I mentioned how much I love people who share their printables?? Look how darling these Golden Snitches turned out!


Golden Snitch

The Golden Snitchs were placed in a wood platter and then decorated my coffee table. I have a big black box that I put a snitch right in the center of.  Also included the Hogwarts letter along with a quill. I had a jar of feathers off to the side, I lit the candle right before the guests arrived for our Harry Potter party.

Harry Potter

My friend Liz played a HUGE role in my decor’.  She lent me the cutest monster book of monsters that she had made! Do you see how cute and furry he is? Talk about creativity! Therefore I added this to my coffee table.  I perched a black and purple witch hat off the side of the black box.
Monster Book of Monsters
Taking thin sheets of fleece (that I purchased at the store for .79 cents a sheet) I went ahead and cut the bottoms of them into pennants – Black fleece works great! Print out the house crests for each Howarts House and glued them onto the pennants. I found the printable house crests at Centsationalgirl They fit perfectly onto my pennants! Love how they look. 

Harry Potter house pennants

I printed off the cute “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” sign at  Sugar tot designs Then perched up upright on the mantle in a cute iron stand. Decorating my mantle with the Harry Potter Book set, Candles, owls and the Harry Potter Time Turner necklace added the perfect touch. 

Here is a darling photo of the girls in front of the mantle! – I love that these girls participated in the dressing up as students of Hogwarts! Check out my other Harry Potter Party Posts! Just click HERE for Part one and HERE for part two 

Harry Potter Mantle

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