Harry Potter 16th Birthday Party Part One

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It’s been a whole year since I did this Harry Potter Party for my daughter’s 16th Birthday. I’ve been meaning to blog about it this past year but there is so many details that went into planning it. Making sure I cover each detail may be a task! That being said I am sure this will take several blog posts. Displaying every item that went into planning and executing this party. Make sure you check out Part Two, Three and Four of this Harry Potter party series.

My daughter loves Harry Potter and so I thought it would be fun to surprise her with doing a Harry Potter party for her 16th Birthday. To start off I invited all her friends by delivering their invitations with an owl (just like the movie) I purchasing gold balloons and drawing an owl on the front of them was fairly easy! Make sure you purchase a few extra’s just in case you have one or two pop!

Balloon Owl Harry Potter

For the letter I found a rough draft on Pieces by Polly that I used. I also used the download from the site Mylifesdesigns to complete the look of the invitation. Mylifesdesigns has a ton of other great Harry Potter party ideas that I used!

I did not seal mine in an envelope. Instead I printed it on rustic paper and then rolled it up and attached it to the bottom of the balloon. Filling in each letter to customize them to each individual girl that we invited.
Hogwarts School of Witchraft Invitation

With the rolled up letter I used the same rustic paper and printed out these cute golden 9 3/4 platform tickets. These would be for the girls to bring with them when they arrived to the party.

Once the invitations were out it was time to plan the next fun part of the invitation! Sorting each girl into their houses of Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw. I made Chocolate cupcakes and filled the middles of them with colored Bavarian cream. The color of the cream centered cupcake corresponded with each house. Slytherin – filled with green, Hufflepuff – filled with yellow, Gryffindor – Red (scarlet) and Ravenclaw – cupcake was filled with Blue cream.

I injected the centers of the cupcakes with the Bavarian cream using an icing tip. Using food coloring to color the Bavarian cream. Once the cream was inside of all of the cupcakes I frosted the tops with icing. At this point I took square individually wrapped caramel pieces and shaped them to look like the sorting hat. A toothpick worked well to add the eyes and crevices for the sorting hats face. Each cupcake was topped with a sorting hat.

Sorting Hat Caramel

As each girl bites into their cupcake they see the colored center and that is how they knew what house they belonged to! I chose the girls randomly since there were 8 girls total I made sure there were two girls in each house.

Sorting hat Harry Potter

My friend Liz gave me some cupcake boxes that she had to deliver the cupcakes to each girl. Even though the girls already received their invitations I went back to each girls home and delivered a cupcake. This way they knew which house they would be in before the party. Also so they could dress accordingly. This is what the cupcakes looked like when I delivered them.
Harry Potter House cupcakes

I attached this cute poem that I found on Tumbler. Sizing down the poem to a tag size and putting 4 to a sheet was fairly easy! I added the tag to the cupcake box with baker’s twine.

To see more from our Harry Potter Party click Here for Part two.

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