Ways to give Trick or Treating candy to adults

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It is time for Trick or Treating as today is Halloween! It’s all about the kids and candy right? But what about the adults in our lives that deserve a little Halloween cheer? I have come up with a few ideas on how to surprise that special adult in your life on Halloween by Trick or Treating them!! Whether it be a best girlfriend, a lonely neighbor, a favorite co worker or even your spouse! See my ideas for how to make those candy treats extra special! Here are some last minute fast and easy Halloween ideas.

It's all about the candy

Half of the fun of getting a small gift is the appearance right? If someone plunks a cardboard box in front of you and tells you to open it then it isn’t as fun. But if it is embellished, wrapped, surrounded in cellophane or tissue paper it makes the gift a little more exciting.

I’ve taken Basic dollar store tin canisters – filling them with a variety of fun size candy then wrap them up. Using cellophane and a bedazzled junk bow makes these simple pails more exciting to get!

Tin can candy gifts

I am telling you that it is all about the details! Seriously girls ooh and ahh over the little ribbons, tags and small hand written notes. Girls get girls! Chocolate and glitter! Look at this adorable tag on a simple tin bucket!

Or look at this one! I am not kidding when I say it is all about the details. When a girl see’s something like this she knows some time and thoughtfulness was put into it. Eat drink and be scary

For the non candy lover it is easy to find and old mug up in your cabinet that you no longer use or for a new one the dollar store sells plain white one’s like this one! Add a cute vinyl Halloween quote, wrap it up in cellophane, add the layers of ribbon to create a bow then add a tag. What makes this even more fun is that you can put hot cocoa or tea in the mug instead of candy!

Do you see the darling tags! Yep! They add a lot. For the mega candy lover I found a purple glass pumpkin at a garage sale, filled it with a foam square and punched wooden skewers that were cut in half into the foam piece. Finally add fun size candy bars and packets of candy to the tops with glue or tape.


Fill the base with tissue paper to mask the foam square and whaa laa – a great gift to give. Don’t forget about all the adults in your life that deserve a Halloween too! These are simple and fast to put together. Will you be Trick or Treating tonight?

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