“This is Us” Large 4 ft. wall home décor sign

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Watching the T.V.  series “This is Us” from the beginning of season one has got me hooked! Each week I wait patiently to see what emotional roller coaster that the Pearson family will lead their viewers into next. I find myself comparing this amazing program to my own life and realizing that I too have my own “This is Us” series in my life.

This is US

Loving the concept of the show and how real some of the characters are to me. It gives me a true reflection into my own life and assists me in realizing that no matter how difficult a circumstance is in my life that there is always good. There is a silver lining to all trials and tribulations.

Recognizing “This is Us” and I knowing I wanted  to make a sign for above my bed. Not only from the T.V. Series but also because of our home. Our family, our flaws, our trials ARE US. We are who we are. Our dysfunction or lack of is what makes us “US”.

This is Us far away shot

Before this process began I thought of my sister’s upcoming birthday and knew that she too loves the series. She also has a brand new home which I’ve been dying to help her decorate. Luckily she has such a gorgeous home that she let me us her photos of the sign I made above her bed.

This is us sign in progress

First I cut 2 sheets of MDF approx. 2 ft. tall by 4 ft. wide and then painted them white. While drying I cut the words “This is Us” in black vinyl using the font of my choice. Always applying the vinyl before the trim is put on makes the process so much easier. Also staining the trim before assembling it to the MDF board kept the white board clean. You can always touch up the trim after it has been nailed to the board.

This is Us sign close up

I also have a little bed envy! Look how darling this sign I made her looks above her beautiful bed! Thank you Tiffany for letting me steal these photos to show everyone how cute my sign turned out! Now if my bedroom looked as cute I would show you photos of how mine turned out above my bed! Maybe after a new bedspread and some new side table lamps!

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