Fun and Easy DIY Gift Ideas for the Superhero Fan

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Fun and Easy DIY Gift Ideas for the Superhero Fan

2018 is a big year for superheroes and villains, with no less than 11 superhero movies set to premiere in the US. Many of these movie characters and stories have roots in beloved comic books, while others are from video games played by thousands of fans throughout the years. In truth, no matter their origin, superheroes have captured not only villains and bad guys, but also the imagination of people the world over.

With this in mind, if you have any superhero diehards in your life – including yourself – celebrating a birthday or special occasion any time soon, here are some fun and easy DIY gift ideas you can do today!

Supercharged hands

Image credit: Cut Out + Keep

One way to give superhero fans a simple but enjoyable gift is to create some superhero-inspired accessories. Try starting small with adorable Wonder Woman accessories made from vinyl or card stock. You can even up-cycle toilet rolls or packaging tape rolls, depending on the size of the person who’ll wear them. For fans of Bruce Wayne, you can also make a simple version with black gloves and some felt.

Image credit: The Brooding Hen

Wrap these up and finish off with gift tags like the Wonder Woman-themed card previously shared here on Craft Yourself!

Comic book planters, coasters, and lamps

Image credit: Plucking Daisies

It’s amazing what you can make out of some Mod Podge, used comics, and a surface of your choice. Parent Map Magazine warns against accidentally using collector’s issues for projects like these, though! You can buy used comics in bulk from your local store or online. Get cutting, and make sure to add an extra layer of Mod Podge to seal in the collage.

Image credit: BuzzFeed

You can also try the same technique on coasters, lamps, or anything you can get your hands on that your superhero-crazed friend will enjoy.

Superhero boredom busters

Image credit: Sugar Tot Designs

This boredom buster jar makes for another awesome superhero gift. Simply fill a jar with some super-powered sticks to awaken the recipient’s imagination! Glue on the names of superhero characters as well as random situations on the sticks for a fun game of charades, or let two people pick a superhero each for a spirited debate on who’d win over the other, and how.

With today’s wealth of superhero lore, there are literally thousands of characters and stories to choose from that can make this boredom buster a unique experience every single time you play. These characters each have their own background, powers, and unique personality.

There’s actually something new all the time for today’s superhero fans to enrich their understanding of and appreciation for these characters, from movies and comic books to interactive and digital games. For instance, the new Avengers film, which is in theaters now, brings together nearly every character in Marvel’s cinematic universe for an epic showdown with the mighty Thanos. The landmark film helps Marvel achieve what it has been building over the course of 16 individual movies that span a decade, from Iron Man (2008) to this year’s Black Panther. Likewise, the trend in bringing together a diverse range of characters and stories is also present in gaming. Slingo demonstrates this progression through a collection of superhero-inspired games such as Hellboy, Wonder Woman, and Thunderstruck, as well as some titles that feature superhero foils, like The Dark Joker Rizes. This expansive landscape of gaming titles and experiences stand as a testament to how exciting the world of superheroes continues to be. Of course, it’s something that you and the superhero fan in your life can also join. Even preparing the boredom busters may already become a lot of fun as you explore the rich mythos of the genre.

Super weaponry and gadgets

Image credit: Instructables

You can cap the celebration off by having fun with DIY weaponry and gadgets based on your loved one’s favorite superhero. For instance, this Captain America Shield is a fun craft project designed to fly like a giant Frisbee and can be easy to build.


Image credit: Instructables

There are also more intricate items like Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer). Both are a ton of fun to create from scratch, and will definitely help you save while spoiling your loved one.

Do you have any superhero-related gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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