“Your future looks bright” Simple Graduation gift idea

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Graduation is right around the corner and I have a daughter graduating! Not only is she graduating but so are several of her friends. Being as busy as I am I needed a quick and easy idea to give to all these graduates! I originally saw this idea on Fun Squared blog and thought it was so creative so we came up with something similar! Here is how to make your own “Your Future Looks Bright” Graduation gift.

Your future looks bright gift

Items you will need to make your own:

Glass jar with a lid – if you are using an old pickle or jam jar make sure the label is scrubbed off and the smell is gone from inside of the jar!

Future looks bright clean out & paint jars

Spray paint –  (either yellow or white) as you will see in the  photos white was our choice!


Scissors and ribbon for the jars.
future looks bright fill jars

Here are some ideas!

Highlighters, Yellow mini sticky pads (post it notes), yellow paper clips, Yellow pens, pencils, erasers.

Yellow candy – or candy in yellow wrappers. – Juicy fruit gum, butterscotch, yellow Hershey kisses, Lemon heads, banana runts, yellow starbursts, yellow m&m’s, yellow laffy taffy, (you get the picture).


Yellow Graduation gift

and of course this fun printable we made just for our readers! The light bulb added such a fun little touch to the printable and this gift was really cheap to make. Just click on the link: Your future looks bright to print out your own tag for the jar. You’ll also want a hole punch to string the ribbon through so you can attach the tag to the jar.

future looks bright tag

Do you give gifts to graduates that you know? I like to because I think graduation is a big deal! Nothing feels better than making the graduate feel special on their day.

future looks bright

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