Cheap Wall Art: 7 Ideas that Cost Less Than $20

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Cheap Wall Art: 7 Ideas That Cost Less Than $20
Selecting a wall art can often be overwhelming and at times, expensive! If you decide to decorate a house containing blank walls, it may become difficult to find out where to begin with. Though there are numerous options for wall art, they are either too costly or mass produced and generic. Most of us would not want to spend so much on wall decoration but would wish to fill the home with great wall art. This is why, we present the effective ways to find personal wall art pieces that are both affordable and stylish.

Buy Cheap Wall Art online 
In recent years, purchasing wall art over the internet has become popular and efficient. People can easily find work of good artists that are otherwise difficult to find and prints of renowned favorites. Society 6, is an example of such piece. You can consider buying cheap wall art from wholesale China online marketplace DHgate to find stylish pieces at wholesale prices.

Free Printable Art
You can choose from thousands of wall art pieces available on the Internet for free. You can print them using your own computer. There are amazing wall arts ranging from watercolors and inspirational quotes to abstract prints. You can print any of them and insert into photo frames to create instant wall art. You can use Pinterest boards featuring free printables to make gallery walls and home decorations. Twinkle Twinkle Print, Airplane sketch and Psalm 23 print are some examples of free printables.
Gallery Walls
This type of cheap wall art is famous for last few years and this trend is not likely to fade away. Gallery Walls are excellent as they let you use all your favorite art pieces and frames which cannot be hung alone. Moreover, they can be filled up with cheap art options such as family photos, magazine cuttings, free printables and keepsakes. We may have a collection of picture frames to make a gallery and if you don’t have, they are easily available at any thrift store. To make the gallery look more amazing, you can use a quick paint coat on the random frames.

Painted Wood Signs
The trend of farmhouse décor is on demand and this is why wood signs are found everywhere. You can choose from a wide variety of wooden signs available to buy and it is possible to create your own to save some money. Creative people can make lots of signs using any of the methods like painting. Doing this is pretty easy!
DIY Chalkboards
Convert a big frame into an attractive chalkboard. One can purchase some frames from yard sales and paint the cardboard frame backing using chalkboard paint and add personal design. What makes Chalkboards great is the ability to add anything you want and change it easily whenever you feel like. For example, I wrote a song’s lyrics on a homemade chalkboard to create an attractive wall art. Here is a tutorial to easy chalkboard wall art making.

Thrifted Mirrors
You can find a lot of mirrors in various sizes and shapes at yard sales and thrift stores. And as there are many options, they are quite cheap. They might work well in their original form but sometimes, it is a good idea to apply a fresh coat of paint. Mirrors are effective at brightening up any space and it is recommended to have thrift mirrors in all the rooms of the house. An example of thrifted mirror is a $5 vintage dresser mirror useful for bathroom renovation. You can even upgrade a simple wood mirror frame using city maps.
Thrifted Paintings
There are numerous affordable wall art pieces for sale at estate exhibitions and flea markets. However, there are some original works as well. It is possible to find some really genuine vintage oil paintings or paint by numbers for affordable prices. Here, you can hardly find an art piece from famous artist but a good art is good regardless of whether it is created by a famous artist or not. You may, at times, need to reconstruct a wall piece or simply add a new touch with a fresh paint coat.
Engineer Prints
These are oversized prints which can be found at affordable prices from places such as Staples. Engineer Prints are aimed to be utilized by engineers for blueprints and other uses but it is possible to print virtually anything on these including book pages, photos and quotes. You can choose to print any art on these prints in color or black/white. Color prints are somewhat more expensive than black/white but still affordable. A giant poster sized print can cost about $5 to $10. With engineer prints, the quality is not so good as other printing methods but can be recommended for satisfactory performance. An example is printing Christmas hymns on engineer prints and adding gold details.

These are some of the useful tips to fill home walls with cheap wall art that everybody will love.

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