Trendy Summer Flamingo Framed Wood Decor Sign

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Flamingo’s are all the rage!  I finally decided to jump on this trend and add some flamingo decor to my porch.  As I was putting up my many beach decorations, I had a few empty spots I needed to fill in.  I came up with a few new flamingo ideas to place in these empty spots.  I created this Trendy Summer Flamingo Framed Wood Decor Sign to hang on the brick by my front door.  If you are ready to add some flamingo décor to your home or porch this fun summer sign is simple and a fun accent piece.

Happy as a flamingo in a trailer park sign

To create your own you will need:

1 thin board cut at 7″ by 21″

4 lathing strips or wood trim  2 pieces cut at 21″ and 2 pieces cut at 6″

Paint colors of your choice ( I used aqua and coral)

White vinyl

Hot glue

Jig saw

personal cutting machine

Paper or vinyl (for template)


Start by cutting your thin board at 7″ by 21″ (I used leftover wood flooring) any thin scrap wood will work great.  Paint your wood board any color of your choice ( I chose aqua), allow to completely dry.  While your board is drying cut a template of a flamingo measuring 15″ by 5″ out of paper or vinyl, using your personal cutting machine.   The flamingo design I used is from Center and apply the flamingo template to your pre-painted board, if using a paper template apply tack and retack glue around the edges of the template to hold it into place.  Paint flamingo design desired color (I chose to paint mine coral). Remove template and allow to dry.

flamingo painting

Next create a wording design with desired fonts that says ” Happy as a Flamingo in a trailer park”.  Cut out wording onto white vinyl using your personal cutting machine.  Weed out the wording, add transfer tape center and on the lower portion of your flamingo sign and apply wording.

happy as a flamingo wording

Glue or nail lathing strips or wood trim pieces to the edge of your board, to frame the design.  You can also add jute or ribbon to the back of your sign to hang it from.

flamingo adding frame and vinyl

I love how my new Trendy Summer Flamingo Framed Wooden Decor Sign looks with my other beach décor.  How do you like to decorate your porch for summer?

happy as a flamingo porch

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