September Yellow Mesh Sunflower Door Wreath

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If you are wondering we are still around just busy as ever preparing for the upcoming seasons! Ever wonder how you should decorate your porch in September? It is hard because everyone is decorating with fall decor’ yet it is still 90 degrees outside for half of the month. But a Wreath can always be interchangeable and used anytime of the year. So how about a Sunflower wreath to transition from Summer to Fall? Sunflowers work for both seasons!

My sister just had a baby and I knew she needed something for her front door along with my mother suggesting we make Sunflower wreaths. I found this cute idea on Pinterest (of course) but modified it to make it work for us.

Items you will need to make this wreath:

Wire wreath frame (I used an 8″)

Deco mesh in Yellow, Brown and Green (whole rolls)

Yellow and Brown Chenille cleaners (to attach mesh to the frame)

Sunflower deco mesh wreath on navy blue door

You’ll take the Yellow mesh and green mesh and cut the roll down the center in half (lengthwise to make 2 wreaths) Then cut the long sections into 10″ squares which makes over 30 squares per wreath.┬áTake the Chenille pieces and wrap them in half around the wire wreath sections (as you can see in the photo).

assembling wreath

With each 10″ square you will pinch it in the center then twist the Chenille around the the mesh. Push the mesh towards the outward edges of the wreath. Continue to do this around the entire wreath until you reach the desired fullness to look like a Sunflower. You can always add more Chenille stems and more mesh to make the wreath look fuller.

The green mesh leaves are cut longer to a 14″ length. Using the same technique tie the green mesh to the back of the wire frame and push outward. For the center cut the dark brown mesh and weave it in and around until you reach the look of a center of a Sunflower.

Using a Command strip always eliminates damage to your front door.

Here is my mother’s wreath on her front door!

Sunflower Deco mesh wreath on orange door

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