A Twisted Fairy Tale Halloween Party

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Before I start this post be sure to check out my past year’s Halloween parties by clicking on the following links:  2011 Witch’s Brew2012 Villian’s on the loose!  / 2014 Witch’s Brew / 2015 And the Unknown Witch / 2016 Halloween Masquerade Style  Now, let’s be honest I AM a year behind on the Halloween party Posting so here is 2017’s party and the theme was “A Twisted Fairy tale Halloween Party”.  Here is a photo of our invite (I edited out all the details on the bottom as it had my address and phone numbers). Not quite ready to share those with the world. 

Halloween party Invitation

So many fun ideas came with this theme but here is what Krystal, Myself and my mother dressed up as:

YES!!! Little red riding hood, the wolf and the grandma. Although people thought I was a cat! ha!

Little red riding hood wolf

So many cute and creative ideas that our good friends came up with. Some ladies even used the same idea of Maleficent.
PicMonkey Image

And little red riding hood was another popular hit this year.


We took this year to a whole new level and decided to do a sit down dinner. The idea was amazing but a lot of work!
halloween party table and place setting

The crock pots of soup were made by myself, Krystal and my mother. Everyone else brought in goodies to fill in check out this spread of food!
Halloween Party Food

We played games, did a scavenger hunt and tons of visiting! There are so many photos to share but I do know if a post gets to long than you lose readers so I am trying to keep this simple. But oh how do you keep this big and amazing of a party simple?
Party Guests

How can you do a party without some prizes and giveaways? We did our normal yearly candy counts
Candy counts

and of course gave away a ton of hand made items with all of our games we played. Of course my table and floor were covered in prizes!

prize table

Check out these cute spider silk necklaces that we we made and gave away as our party favor gifts and find the easy tutorial on how to make your own HERE


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