Upcycling an old hutch / curio cabinet

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Every year for Christmas my family rotates names and this year I am lucky enough to have my sister and her family. My sister moved into a new home and struggles with decorating it. So, for me it is easy to have a million ideas as to what I could give her. While visiting her home recently she complained of some television wires hanging out of her wall. Making a promise to her that I would help her figure out how to cover the wires.  I stumbled across this Curio cabinet on our local classifieds for $65.00 and decided to Upcycle it for my sister.

both pieces of curio
These are the photos that the owner of the curio sent to me before I picked the curio up. As you can see in the photo’s this is in great condition but just needing a little updating.

bottom half of curio

The photo below shows the top portion of the hutch and if you look closely you can see the mirror in the back of the hutch. My mind already decided the mirror would be removed.
top of curio

Girls I’m telling you I have a gem of a husband! He didn’t even hesitate picking up the hutch for me, stripping off all the knobs, hinges, plastic strips, removing the glass and the mirror on the back. Once it was ready to go I immediately washed it down and started to paint.

Starting to paint

Throughout this process I learned that white paint is harder to work with. As it shows up the imperfections and flaws easier than colored paint. Using a brush instead of a roller has a tendency to show the brush strokes.

During the process

For this project I used a satin paint with a primer in it. Using satin paint allows the owner of the hutch to be able to wipe it down. With a chalk paint (if you don’t use wax) it will show every drop of dirt! Going with satin also is a step down from a semi-gloss so you will not get the sheen. Choosing white also gives the piece a more timeless look.

It took approximately 4 coats of paint (not even kidding) The primer in the paint made it a lot easier to apply but each nook and cranny was tedious. I focused on this piece every night after work for 2 weeks. Removing the mirror from the back and replacing the backing with beadboard updated this beauty.  By removing the mirror the weight of the hutch was a lot less!

Base up close hutch edited
As you can see in these two photos I sanded the edges of the doors and corners to give this piece a little rustic touch. Also because my sister has smaller children so if they accidentally ding this piece it will blend in with the rustic touch I gave it.
Up close sanded door

Assembling this back together was easy after I spray painted all the hinges & knobs in a flat black spray paint.

Finished Hutch with decor

Here it is before all the Halloween decorations were put inside of it.
Refinished white hutch

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