High School Graduation Monogram Party

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I do try to blog but sometimes I am just not good at it! This graduation party was done for my darling daughter Maeli one year ago and I am barely blogging about it! A good gathering with Friends and family is and has always been my favorite.

Finding an excuse to get together is pretty easy for me but to go all out with a party is entirely on a whole other level by itself. She (my daughter) definitely deserves it though as she worked hard her whole high school career.
Graduation Silverware

Graduation day was WINDY and a little cool. I raced outside the morning of before heading up to the stadium for the actual ceremony to get a few photos.

Ahhh! The shadows were killing me but being in a hurry I did the best I could. Preparing these items for weeks beforehand you would think I would have some amazing photos.

Maeli chose the menu of Hamburgers, Chips, Salads and desserts. All of the cute printable items in this post can be purchased on Etsy from Amanda’s parties to go. She does all the leg work and it made my party look amazing.

Graduation Drink Station

Wrapping water bottles in the cute bottle wraps made it easy yet adds a little touch.

Graduation straw banners
The months building up to graduation I stocked up on black frames which I filled with her accomplishments, photos of her and of course signs for the food tables.
Graduation Frames

To thank the guests we created a candy bar with cellophane Thank you bags that the guests could fill with all types of candy! Here are the cute bags they could fill with candy.
Graduation Thank you bags

Little plastic scoops let people dig into whatever candy they chose and fill a sack. Of course each jar of candy had a fun school theme tied to it.
Graduation Candy Bar
Using the round party logos and round background circles I glued clamps onto small wood dowels then inserted them into the jars and wrote a title for each candy. This is the creative candy part. Here are some of the types of candies I used.
1. “Smarty-pants” – Smarties
2. “Honor Roll” – Tootsie Rolls
3. “Student Loans” – 100 Grand Candy bars
4. “Counting Beans” – Jelly Beans
5. “Class Ring” – Ring pops
6. “Smart Cookie” – Mini chocolate chip cookies
7. “Pre-calc Pops” – Dum Dum suckers
8. “Nerds” – Small boxes of Nerds Candy
9. “Book Worm” – Gummy worms
10. “Reach for the stars” – Starbursts
Graduation candy bar up closeThe Candy bar was an absolute hit. I recycled an old crate that my girlfriend had and just used Mason jars with Tulle wrapped around the top to dress them up a bit.
Graduation Thank you tagsTelling myself to take a lot of photos and actually doing it are two  different things. I do wish I had taken photos of the Accomplishments display table and when all the food was on the tables. Such a fun and gorgeous day it was!

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