Simple Lemon Slice Summer wood block tutorial

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This Summer I am all about the Lemons and how bright, colorful and delicious smelling they are. First I want to expand on my little lemon collection. Krystal and I came up with this Simple Lemon Slice Summer Wood block. We are here to give you the instructions of what we did.

Lemons Slice Summer Blocki


Supplies you will need:

Wood block approx. 1 & 1/2″ thick, 4″ tall and 3 & 3/4″ wide. – Our’s were left over blocks from a previous project.

Round thin wood piece approx. 3″ around.  or you can use a piece of chip board and cut it like we did.

Chipboard Circle

White paint – to paint the wood block

yellow paint – To paint the round circle

Yellow Circles Painted

Vinyl cutting machine

White Vinyl. – For the Center of the Lemon Slice

Hot glue gun or any type of glue that will stick the round circle to the painted wood block. On the other hand E6000 will work as will hot glue or gorilla glue.

Paint your wood block all in white and let it dry. While the wood block is drying, this is the perfect time to paint your Lemon Slice Yellow and let it dry. While both items are drying then go over to your personal cutting machine. Another thing is that we found the inside Lemon Slice template using google search. In fact all we typed in is: Lemon Slice Silhouette.  Sizing the template to fit inside of our round yellow circle.

As soon as the block and circle dry you will apply the vinyl onto the yellow circle then attached the circle to the block

Lemon Slice

Furthermore, Lemons add so much color to the home and not to mention fresh one’s smell amazing. Over the next few weeks you will see us share some easy ways to decorate your home with lemons. Bring on Summer and all the different types of Home made Lemonade! What is your favorite type of Lemonade? Certainly I would have to say that mine is definitely coconut Lemonade.




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