Summer Flamingo and Lemon Pillows from Dish Towels

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Summer is finally here! We’ve had an extremely wet and cold spring, it seemed like warm weather would never come. I got my summer decorations to display and noticed that many of my outdoor pieces are in rough shape. The pillows I had made a few years ago were faded and coming apart. I tossed the items that were beyond repair. Now I was on the hunt to find new pillows or fabric. While I was at the dollar store I noticed they had a selection of dish towels in fun summer prints. After looking over the size of the dish towels I knew they would work to create 2 small or 1 large pillow cover. I purchase a few different patterns including lemon slices, watermelon, and flamingos. I came home and got to work sewing my summer flamingo and lemon pillows from dish towels.
summer flamingo and lemon pillow
To create your dish towel pillows you will need:
Dish towels
Coordinating fabric
Pillow form
Scissors or rotary cutting
Sewing machine or serger
flamingo and lemon dish towels
If you are making large size pillows use the entire to 3/4 of the dish towel depending on the size of your pillow form. For small pillows cut your dish towel in half to create 2 pillows. Use your coordinating fabric for the backside of your pillow. I prefer to sew and use the envelope style pillow covers, use this tutorial to create your envelope style pillow cover.


Flamingo and lemon pillows cutting
flaming and lemon pillow backing
flamingo and lemon pillows pinningflamingo and lemon pillow sewing
I created two different styles of dish towel pillows to use with my summer home decor. I made 2 small pillows with the flamingo dish towels. I placed the flamingo pillows on my front porch bench, along with my other beach themed decor.
 flamingo pillows
I used 3/4 of the Lemon slice dish towel to create one large pillow. I placed this lemon pillow inside my home to match the lemon decor theme in my family room and kitchen.
lemon pillow
My favorite part of about creating these pillows is that the dish towels only cost $1! I was able to use leftover fabric from other projects for the backing. Because I change out my home and holiday decor often, I love to find inexpensive ways to decorate for each season and holiday.
summer flamingo and lemon pillow
What budget-friendly ways do you like to decorate with? Looking for more ideas Check out our Water Color Lemon pillow cover and simple lemon slice block home decor projects.

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