Watercolor yellow paint Decorative Lemon Pillow Cover

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In the previous post of our darling Lemon Slice blockI stated that we are all about the Lemon theme for this summer. Krystal came up with the creative idea of making a Watercolor yellow paint Decorative Lemon Pillow Cover.Lemon watercolor pillow

The supplies that you will need to create this project are:

White or off white fabric

A pillow form

Cutting board and a rotary cutter or a pair of scissors

Watercolor paints – a child’s school set will work


Liquitex or Mod Podge


paper cups (to hold the water in)

Personal cutting machine

Black iron-on vinyl


Ironing board


Sewing machine

First, gather some white or off white fabric. You’ll want to make sure that you wash and iron the material before using it. Choose the desired size of pillow you would like to use. I will walk you through the steps of how to create your own envelope style pillow cover. First, lay out the fabric on your cutting mat or surface. You’ll want to measure your pillow inserts to determine the size of fabric you will need to cut. The tutorial I am giving you is to create a 12″ x 12″ pillow cover. Using a rotary cutter and mat cut 1 square that measures 12 1/2″ by 12 1/2″.  Next cut two pieces of fabric into 9″ by 12″ sections. These will go on the back of your pillow to make an envelope style sham. If you have read any of my past posts you will know that this is my favorite method.

Before you begin to sew the pillow cover together you will want to take your 12 & 1/2″ top square and do the Water Color on it.

I tried a few methods to watercolor on fabric and failed horribly on all of them.  I found this great tutorial at Ella Claire inspired to watercolor on fabric, It worked like a charm.  I would suggest following her tutorial to paint the watercolor on your fabric.

lemon painting watercolor on fabric

lemon blending paint

After the Water color has dried you will take the top square and the 2 back pieces and pin together. Remember to place the right sides of your fabric together! Use the first backing piece.  Next, layer your second one on top to create the envelope.  Pin all of these layers in place.  Use a lot of pins!!!  Then sew all four sides of your sham. Once all four sides are sewn together flip the pillow sham inside out and you will have a pillow cover. At this point iron the sham until smooth.

It’s time to add the final detail of Lemons to this darling Water Color Lemon pillow. Use your personal cutting machine and Black Iron on vinyl for the pillow.  There are several ways to find images of Lemons using a google search or some free SVG files that can be found on Pinterest.

Iron on Vinyl Lemon Slices


When using Iron on Vinyl don’t forget to flip your image or wording in your computer program! I’ve made that mistake a few times. After you cut and weed out your lemon design, iron the lemon image over your yellow watercolor spot on your pillow cover.

lemon pillow iron on

Place your Water Color yellow paint Lemon Pillow on any couch, chair, or bench to add a fun summery feeling!

Lemon watercolor pillow

How do you like to decorate for summer?

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