Festive Fall Leaf Sewn Table Runner

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Do you remember our plethora of Table runners that we purchased many years ago? If you do not remember let me spark your memory! Check out these previous posts on our table runners:  St. Patrick’s day table runner  Summer Table Runner or our fun Patriotic July Runner.  Little did we know that these runners would create so many fun projects! Since we have done every season we felt a Fall Leaf table runner would be perfect!

fall leaf table runner


The reason this one was so perfect is because the already pre-cut burlap leaves came in a pack for only $1.00 at the dollar store!

fall leaf table runner supplies

Each pack includes 5 leaves so it makes sense to buy a couple of packs in a variety of colors. The colors they have to choose from are tan, red, orange and an olive green. Krystal and I grabbed quite a few to make a few runners. This runner was really easy and fast because we ran the Fall Leaves up the center of the runner and sewed them with one easy simple stitch up the center.

fall leaf table runner pin and sew

A Fall Leaf can be soo beautiful don’t you agree? To create one for yourself start by staggering each Fall Leaf to give the runner a little more dimension. Since the leaves are not tacked down they  lift a little around the edges which gives the runner a 3-D effect.

I am really happy that we purchased all of those runners when they were so cheap! The creations have been awesome! I think we have even made a pillow or two out of the runners.

fall leaf burlap table runner

This runner is very flexible and can roll up really easy for storage. See how simple the stitch was up the center? If you have a pre-made runner like we did then this can be a 5 to 10 minute project! Show us your Fall leaf creations! I know there are a lot out there!


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