Orange Burlap Wrapped Fall Pumpkin Wreath

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November is here and Thanksgiving is upon us. This time of year is so beautiful with the falling leaves and the fall colors. Here is another wreath that is fast and easy to assemble. I will show you how to create your very own Burlap Wrapped Fall Pumpkin Wreath

Burlap wrapped fall harvest wreath

For this wreath you will need the following items:
1- 8″ or  12″ straw filled wreath form or you can use a 12″ foam form – They type of wreath you purchase doesn’t matter. This wreath was given to us for free so we used it

1- roll of orange 6″ burlap roll – 10 yards
Hot glue
Embellishments – Ribbon, pumpkins, greenery etc.
ruffle wreath supplies

Take the roll of orange burlap and hot glue the end to the wreath.  Next, you will begin to wrap the burlap around the entire wreath. Continue wrapping the wreath until it is completely covered.  Hot glue the end piece into place and put dabs of hot glue wherever you may need the ribbon to hold.

Easy right! Finally, you can now embellish your wreath with whatever items you have chosen. To keep this wreath fairly cheap the top bow and pumpkins were found at the Dollar tree. By adding some ribbon beneath the dollar tree bow increases the depth of the look of the wreath and it also helps to make the bow look a lot fuller.

pumpkin wreath assemble

Before gluing any items into place just play around with the embellishments that you may have. By inserting different items onto the Burlap Wreath you can find different things that you may or may not like about it. The wreath forms can be easily always found at garage sales, thrift stores or at your local craft store. This wreath looks really pretty on a front door and can be hung from September through November.

pumpkin wreath side

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