Decorative Wood Christmas Tree

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Tis the season for Christmas trees! This next project came to us in the way of a gift. A miniature version of this wood Christmas tree was given to Krystal a few years ago as a gift. When I laid my eyes upon it I fell in love and wanted to make our own version.

To make one of these trees for yourself follow our simple tutorial.

Supplies you will need:

3/4″ Pine (Wood) to cut the tree out of. Dimensions of the tree are 6 1/2″ along the bottom of the triangle. Each side is 12″ long and meet at a point. I hand drew a template and then used it for each tree. On the wood you can butt the edges of the tree up next to one another to save on wood and this also allows to make only one cut for the sides of two different trees.

Scroll saw, chop saw or Jig saw to cut the wood. Since these are straight lines you could use whatever saw you have handy. Once your tree is cut you will sand the edges for a smooth and even feel.

1/2″ dowel cut to 5″ in length

Birch tree branch cut to 5″ round and 1 1/2″ thick. You will want to use a spade or paddle bit to create the circle in the middle of the birch. Only drill the hole down half way into the wood. You will want to create the same drilled hole in the bottom of the pine tree so the dowel will slide up into it. make sure your paddle bit is the same size as your dowel. This makes it nice for the dowel to slide right down into place.

You will want to pick a hunter, forest or evergreen color of paint for your tree. Paint until the tree is fully painted on all sides. Let your tree dry and then lightly sand the edges.

Wood glue is easy to use to glue these together. Just pour a little amount into the hole of the birch wood and a little into the hole at the bottom of the tree. Place the dowel into each hole and let the trees dry.

Last step to these trees is to embellish them after they are dry. I found some old bells and wire to embellish the trees along with some strips of burlap.

You can bedazzle your tree however you would like. Using hot glue on the bells helps them to stay in place on the wire. To give the tree as a gift Krystal found this cute printable titled “Lessons from a Christmas tree” on Princess Sassy Pants & Co. Just tie the saying around the base of the wood Christmas tree and it makes a perfect gift.

Check out this Rustic bead board Christmas tree we made last year!

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