Hot Cocoa Mug Whip

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Ever wonder how you can get the perfect looking mug of hot cocoa? What if I told you that you could make one that looks perfect all the time? This is a quick and fun project on how to learn to make a Faux Hot Cocoa Mug Whip.

Items you will need to make your own Faux Hot Cocoa Mug Whip:

Empty ceramic mug (any color)

Cardstock cut into a round circle the size of the top of your mug

Wall plaster / spackling. In a tub – can purchase almost anywhere, Walmart, Target, Dollar store, Lowe’s, Home Depot etc.

Frosting bag with tip (we didn’t want to ruin our nice one’s so we bought cheap one’s at the dollar store)

Fake plastic egg

Embellishments – Sprinkles, cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, plastic candies. – We recommend plastic toppings as anything with a dye in it can bleed onto the mud while it is drying.

First while mixing the mud before putting it into the Icing bag, add a little water so the mud flows out nicely but not runny. You want the texture to be like a soft serve ice cream. If the mud is too think it will not squeeze out of the tip.

Have fun experimenting with the flow of how you want it to look. To obtain the height it took a little creativity. Gluing the plastic egg to the round cardstock helped to create a taller look of whipping cream. Next, if the mud is too wet while using the Icing bag you will see that the mud tends to look like it is melting. Furthermore you can add more spackle or more water until you reach the consistency that you are looking for.

Finally keep spiraling the spackle/mud until you reach the height you want. While the mud is still wet sprinkle and embellish how you see fit.

You can see the fall one below. You can add wording onto your mug with dishwasher safe vinyl or leave your mug plain.

Use just one mug and switch out the tops. Such a fun and super easy craft. My son even thought this was real the first time he saw it! A fun addition to your holiday d├ęcor.

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