Santa Kisses

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I always try to figure out a Christmas game plan for my neighbor’s & friends a year in advance. The reason I do this is because the sales after Christmas every year are worth watching. I found this cute Santa Kisses Printable from A pumpkin and a princess a year ago! I jumped on the idea and Krystal found Hershey kisses for 90% off after Christmas last year. Making each bag only around .30 cents per bag!

I’ve found if you freeze the candy right away it does just fine holding out all year long. Someone asked if the color of the chocolate changed. After inspecting the kisses and determining that the chocolate held it’s color, I of course snacked on a few! I probably wouldn’t store in the freezer for longer than a year. They taste yummy still too! It is a great way to save on costs. I found the cute bags on Amazon.

We filled each one until the Hershey Kisses came just above the little window opening. You could always add tissue paper in the bottom of the cute bag to make the kisses stretch further.

Print the cute tags from A pumpkin and a princess blog on a color printer. I used high quality paper to give the tags a polished look.

Finish each bag off with a cute junk bow! These Santa Kisses were so fast and easy. Also Loving the fact that these can be mass produced for a lot of neighbors! Plus who doesn’t love chocolate? This is just one of the many neighbor gifts we whipped up this year. A huge shout out to A pumpkin and a Princess for being the type of blogger to share her cute and creative ideas! Go check out her page. Do you give neighbor gifts if so share with us what creative ideas have you come up with.

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