Hello Winter metal wall craft

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Winter is in full force at my house and the ground is covered in snow! After the holidays I tend to get the “blues” so a few years ago I decided it was time to add some Winter type decor to my home. Of course in the color blue! This Hello Winter metal Wall craft will surprise you at how easy it is and how cheaply it can be made.

Last fall we made a Hello Fall one identical to this but instead put Hello Fall and embellished it in fall colors. You can see a more detailed post about it HERE. In the post I just linked to you can find step by step instructions on how to make your own!

First head to your local dollar store and purchase either a metal platter or a metal pizza pan for $1.00. In the photo at the top you can see we use a pizza pan. Spray paint the pizza pan white and let it dry. Honestly you could do any color you choose. We chose white to off set the word winter in a blue color.

The sky is the limit when figuring out what you want to say on the platter. Since it is winter we went with Hello Winter. But you can do Merry Christmas or Happy Halloween or even just Welcome. Choose the font you want and cut vinyl out with your personal cutting machine. This Craft came together very fast.

To add a ribbon hanger to the top of the pan, drill 2 holes at the top of the pizza pan and string a ribbon or rope through the holes and knot the ends on the back of the pizza pan. Last but not least Embellish the top of the pan with whatever greenery, flowers, pumpkins, burlap, ribbon etc. that you would like. Simple hot glue works for holding the embellishments in place.

See how cute that turns out? You can hang this on the front door, a wall or put in a cute easel and display on a table. This Hello winter metal hanger is perfect to hang in the month of January. After all the holiday d├ęcor’ has been put away.

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