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Faux Valentine Chocolate box

faux box of choclates

Faux Valentine Chocolate box Did you end up with a bunch of Christmas tins filled with goodies?  Now what do you do with all those left over Christmas tins? Now you probably don’t feel like storing those tins for an entire year but wait! Before you throw them out or donate them to good will […]

North Pole Christmas Tree Crate and Christmas tree make over

North Pole Crate

North Pole Christmas Tree Crate I was on a mission to add some items to my white Christmas tree that is in my home office. My friend picked up these thin wood frames at Michael’s on clearance for .25 cents each and brought me a stack back in June or July. I wondered what the […]

Dollar store owl floor mat

Owl mat finished

Owl floor mat Check out these floor mats my girlfriend bought at the dollar store (not our style and not real cute) So, we applied a  couple of coats of fun, funky bright lime green paint! (wall semi-gloss paint) once the paint was dry we found some owl templates online and cut them out on […]

Shabby Chic’ Dresser refurbish

Dresser After

Shabby Chic’ Dresser refurbish This dresser was a FREEBIE!! (love those deals) It’s structure was amazing, it’s drawers were all perfect, in tact and working, no major issues just a lot of dings, dents and dirt! My daughter Maeli has an overwhelming amount of cute clothes and even though I purge her closet regularly she […]

Goodbye Washer & Dryer Pedestals!

Washer and dryer after

Wood Washer and Dryer Pedestal When we built this house I had two laundry rooms put in. One upstairs for my 3 daughters to use and one on the main floor for the rest of the house. I only had one washer and dryer so I went out and bought a second set. I wanted […]

Patio set refurbish


Refurbished patio set Spray paint has become one of my best friends!  When Hubby and I got married he had a glass table patio set.  It was okay and we used it for quite a few years.  But then when we built our house (almost 3 years ago)  We purchased a new patio set to go up […]

Craft room Island made from book shelves

craft room back side of island

Craft room Island made from book shelves My craft room is NOT like the pretty, immaculate, organized one’s you see in magazines. I craft, sew, make cards, and design usually all in one room while in the process of all this I am a tornado. I work better in dysfunction (did I just admit to […]

Photo frame redo

photo turquoise frames

Photo frame redo I’m on a mission to re do my family room so in the next few posts you will get to see what colors I have chosen and watch my family room transform! Here is a sneak peak at one of my first little projects for the room. I bought these ugly homecoming […]

Upholstering Dining room chairs

chairs finished chevron

Upholstering Dining room table chairs One thing about having a table that is painted rather than stained is that it will show up any knicks or dings into the paint. I have a black table that I have had for seven years. It looks pretty darn good other than my chairs. I’ll never forget when […]

How to refurbish an Outdoor Fountain


My mother had a beautiful outdoor fountain that the base  slowly deteriorated over time. It was made of resin and broke down so it could no longer be used.  The pump of the fountain was still good as was the bowl of the fountain.  Not sure what to do with it the fountain sat in […]